Victorian Fireplaces and Contemporary Fireplaces

Victorian Fireplaces and Contemporary Fireplaces

Victorian Fireplaces, Queen Victoria’s empire grew with the advent of the Industrial revolution. The Victorian age marked a period of wealth and opulence. This is reflected in the design of the Victorian fireplace. Not all of us are fortunate enough to own a Victoria era home, but perhaps you are looking for a way to infuse a little bit of Victorian era style into your existing home instead. And a great way to do this would be by adding an antique fireplace, dated from the Victorian era naturally. Althoughyou may think this idea is somewhat far-fetched you are sorely mistaken. This is not such a hard find as when homes from the Victorian period are demolished or remodelled, components of the home (such as fireplaces) are removed and preserved for the enjoyment of others.

Victorian Fireplaces
They are carefully restored and cleaned and can be a beautiful addition to your home. Try finding some of these fireplaces online, but remember, though not really rare, these are antiques and duplicates are extremely rare. A Victorian fireplace will need to be installed professionally. Attempting to do this yourself may result in costly damage, as these products are not refunded, and of course there is the risk of a fire hazard if installed incorrectly. These are timeless pieces and will add a whole new dimension to your home and the room wherein your Victorian fireplace is will be the centre of activity. Everyone will want to be in this room, because of the warmth the fire will bring and the way this fireplace makes the room so homey.

Modern and Contemporary Fireplaces:

Modern and contemporary fireplaces have a style of their own. They appeal to the modern house styles while retaining the functionality of a fireplace. They can add to a unique and compelling interior for the home, and one can find all the latest styles and designs at many lifestyle and home décor stores. If you want to make a statement with your fireplace a modern retro fireplace is just the thing for you. Even fireplaces have a fashion of their own, and if you want to stay with the latest trends, a contemporary fireplace is what you need to heat your home. Like adding a piece of art to your own, a modern fireplace will depend entirely on taste. From a glass dome filled with flames, to a fire “portrait” you will be sure to find something to suit your modern home.

Contemporary Fireplaces

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