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“A fireplace is an architectural element consisting of a space designed to contain a fire.” And that is about as much as one can generalise on the topic!

Fireplaces, Fireplace Resources
Electric Fireplaces - Electric Fireplace have increased in popularity
Gas Fireplaces - Is a gas fireplace for you?
Direct Vent Fireplaces - the modern fireplace
Vent Free Fireplaces - Cost efficient vent free fireplace
Denatured Ethanol Fireplaces - Alcohol burning fireplace
Wood Burning Fireplace - Fireplaces that burn wood
Indoor Fireplaces & Outdoor Fireplace
Ethanol BioFires and Gel Fireplaces
Victorian Fireplace and Contemporary Fireplaces
Stone Fireplaces - Natural stone Fireplace
Cast Iron Fireplaces and Cast Fireplace
Marble Fireplaces - design a marble fireplace.
Brick Fireplace - Brick Fireplaces with Wooden Mantel
Cleaning Brick Fireplaces - how to clean a brick fireplace
Design and build a brick fireplace
Fireplaces, Fireplace Resources
Fireplace Image Gallery - pictures of Fireplaces
Fireplaces - Useful Links
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Fireplaces Information

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