Designing your own Marble Fireplace

Marble Fireplaces

These finely crafted fireplaces can also be customised to suit specific customer requirements. Marble fireplaces with intricate carving of asymmetrical designs are highly in demand.

Marble Fireplace

Truly versatile, marble fireplaces are attractive, elegant and very hard wearing. The latest craze among international buyers, Italian and Portuguese marble fireplaces are widely used and demanded all across the globe. Marble fireplaces are a classic, making a focal point for any dwelling, adding quality, warmth and style to the living area. Marble is also used to create non-functional fireplaces, so beautiful do these creations turn out. Said to be the antiques of tomorrow, every piece of stone is unique and some can even contain fossils of prehistoric times.

This stone is easier to work on than others, such as sandstone and slate, but also more lasting. You can find marble in various colours, patterns and effects. Designs can be carved and etched into the marble and styles can range from modern contemporary to antique reproduction to art deco, or anything in between.

Marble Fireplaces

Factors affecting the price of marble fireplaces include its design, size (usually rather small), style (often a replica of an antique), detailing and type of Marble used. A marble mantel is usually hollow, as it is composed of several flat pieces, about an inch thick, which are pieced together. They usually
have a polished finish.

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