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Indoor Fireplaces & Outdoor Fireplaces

These days one has the option of an indoor or outdoor fireplace. Those who can afford to do so will often have both. Or of course there is even the option of having a portable fireplace, which one could transport from inside the house to have outside, and vice versa.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Indoor Fireplaces:
Indoor fireplaces have been a focal point in house holds since the Victorian era and one can still find many Victorian fireplaces in homes. These fireplaces were styled and elaborately designed to match the décor of the rooms. These were generally wood burning fireplaces, which do still exist, but many have been replaced with gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces. To match the décor of your home, there is a wide range of materials to choose from when looking for a fireplace. Materials like steel and wrought iron are being used nowadays in the manufacture of new fireplaces to give a home the feel of old times. Indoor fireplaces are essentially used to warm a room and heat up and house, but these days many people use them to compliment their interior décor.

One can find different types of Indoor Fireplaces, namely:
Gas Fireplace
Wood burning Fireplace
Electric Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces:
As its name suggests, this is a fireplace which can be set up outdoors. Some are even built as a fixture outside. On the other hand, some fireplaces are portable and one can simply carry it from inside the house to the patio, or have it next to the pool even.

Indoor Fireplaces

Outdoor brick fireplaces may smoke more in a breeze, so it is a good idea if you are building to make sure the chimney is built a bit higher. Some of these outdoor fireplaces are decorative, such as the chimeneas, which will add a wonderful touch to your “outdoor lounge”. Other outdoor fireplaces are even used for cooking.

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