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Fireplace Gallery

Stone Fireplaces Gallery
Stone Fireplaces instantly add character and charm to any room. Fireplaces can be built of any type of stone to get and effect that matches your home.

Stone Fireplaces
Stone Fireplace
 Fireplace made of Stone
 Fireplaces made of Stone

Ethanol Fireplaces Gallery
Ethanol burning fireplaces are the very latest in fireplace technology. BioFuels made from renewable sources such as sugarcane and corn, make the fuel a much more environmentally friendly fire option.

Ethanol Fireplaces
Ethanol Fireplace
Ethanol Burning Fireplace
Alcohol Burning Fireplaces

Cast Iron Fireplaces Gallery
These rustic cast iron firplace examples are a great option when heat is required in a room, rather than just a decorative fireplace.

Cast Iron Fireplaces
Cast Iron Fireplace
Cast Fireplaces
Iron Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces Gallery
Gas Fireplaces have been common since the 70's, the ease of lighting your gas fire, and the instant heat still make them a popular choice today.

Gas Fireplaces
Gas Fireplace
Gas burning Fireplaces
LPG Gas Fireplace



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