Electric Fireplaces have increased popularity

Electric Fireplaces

The Electric Fireplace have increased popularity over the last few years, generally due to the convenience. An electric fireplace basically gives the warmth and appearance of real-burning wood fireplace, without the flame.

The heat can be regulated using a remote control and of course turned off completely, thereby making it economical of year-round use. Electric fires are perfect for those living in an apartment, where there is no chimney for example. Also, this would be the way to go if you are on a tight budget. The cost of operation though is the same as any other electric resistance heat, which is usually higher than that of gas or wood.

Electric Fireplace

The flame does not really contribute to the visual appeal of an electric fireplace, but it is the décor that serves as main attraction, i.e. the hearth, mantle and decorative face. This said, simulation of flames can be incredible and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between an electric fireplace and a wood or coal burning fireplace. Designs for electric fireplaces include rich wood tones, stone, marble and brick. Sometimes electric fireplaces are designed for this appearance only. Some electric fireplaces however are constructed with heaters replacing the worries of fumes.

IInstallation of electric fireplaces is simple. Usually it is merely a case of plugging them into the wall and putting them straight to use. Remember to make sure of this beforehand though. These units fit entirely inside the insulated envelope of the house and therefore the unit does not interfere with the insulation, air sealing or moisture protection of the buildings outside shell.

Electric logs are also used for aesthetic. They are often used to easily convert a wood fireplace to electric, by being set into the opening and the cord simply plugged in. These logs come in different styles, to look just like real wood or even glowing coals.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric freestanding stoves are self-contained units that can be installed virtually anywhere. The selection of models range from the “old woodstove”-look to more modern and formal designs.

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