sealed-combustion direct-vent fireplace

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct vent fireplaces have done away with the need to build either a foundation or a chimney as was necessary in the olden days. They are vented directly to the outside through a hole in an exterior wall.

Direct Vent Fireplaces
Direct vent fireplaces are available in sealed combustion direct-vent models. When the fireplace is sealed, the air that is used to generate the flame (combustion air) is drawn from the outside. This direct vent pipe is really two pipes, one inside the other. The outer wall pulls in air from outside to be used in burning the gas fuel, while the inner pipe then returns the flue exhaust back outside. This “sealed” system is safe and efficient because no air from inside the home is being used for combustion.

Some feel that this sealed-combustion direct-vent fireplace is the most efficient fireplace option, because the entire operation is dependent of the household air therefore with sealed combustion direct vent fireplaces there are no drafts and no heat loss. Apparently these fireplaces operate at a near 90% efficiency rate. There are many installation finishes and options to choose from. A freestanding stove might need only a rigid pad underneath, while a built-in fireplace may be finished with various combinations of ceramic tile, marble and mantle treatments.

Direct Vent Fireplace

Advantages of these fireplaces are many, including convenience. They are simple to install and of course like any other gas fuelled fireplace, you do no have the hassle of chopping, hauling, buying or constantly feeding wood into the flames. There is also no ashes or smoke.

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