Cast Iron Fireplaces & Cast Fireplace

Cast Iron Fireplaces & Cast Fireplace

Changing with the times, fireplaces are now made of materials other than the more traditional looking brick fireplace or stone fireplace. Cast iron is one such material. Cast iron fireplaces first appeared during the Victorian period, their use confined to bedrooms, basements and service areas at first.

The cast fireplace offer true period style, and are often adorned with beautiful hand made tiles that compliment the range. Although these are obviously functional fireplaces, skilled artists design cast iron fireplaces with graceful ornamentation giving them a more decorative look.

Cast Iron Fireplaces

Cast iron bedroom fireplaces blend the traditional and contemporary styles of fireplaces. They are designed to serve as gorgeous centre piece to any décor. These fireplaces can be superbly detailed. The material itself is high quality and provides immense durability, strength and value for money. It can have elaborate engravings and decorations done. Cast iron fireplaces often combine both insert and surround in one unit and are therefore very easy to install and save costs of having to buy a separate surround. The size of these fireplaces is compact and therefore suitable for smaller chimney breasts.

Cast Iron Fireplace

Cast fireplace are available in black and highlight polished finishes. Cast iron fireplaces give the opportunity to enjoy all the authenticity of ancient period combining outstanding realism, instant warmth, a choice of convenient controls and improved heating efficiency. Not only a pretty face!

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