BioFires, Glassfires, Ethanol Fireplaces & gel fireplace

BioFires, Glassfires, Ethanol Fireplaces & gel fireplace

BioFires the fireplace of the future. GlassFires, the portable and decorative fireplaces, are probably the easiest most efficient fireplaces available. These fires need absolutely no installation, no chimney and do not cost a fortune to purchase or burn. They burn cleanly and are completely environmentally friendly. No installation, no chimney, no harmful gases – what more could you ask for!

Gel Fireplace

GlassFires burn on a fuel called BioFuel. This is an ethanol based liquid which is derived from potatoes or sugar cane, completely sustainable. Simply pour the fuel into the fuel pot, light and enjoy! This fuel burns cleanly and gives off absolutely no smoke or toxic emissions. There is no smell either. There is also a Gel fireplace on the market where the ethanol biofuel is in gel format.

The main function of GlassFires is decorative but with the added benefit of supplementary heat, ambience and even an aromatherapy option. They can be used in any room creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

GlassFires are completely portable. They can be placed on your dinner table during a dinner party, in the lounge on the coffee table, in your bathroom, in the bedroom and even outside.

The secret of the GlassFires is the real flame which flickers in the glass cylinder. Like a traditional fire, a real fire burns which can be seen from all side, not a static flame and nothing like an electric heater.

Other products in this range include the BioFireplaces and WallFires. BioFireplaces are made to look exactly like a traditional fireplace, but do not need a chimney and have no installation requirements. These BioFireplaces also burn on BioFuel and operating these fireplaces is as easy as watering a plant! They are also completely portable and can be taken with you if you decide to move home. WallFires are made to hang against a wall and can be used in modern or period houses.

BioFires Ethanol Fireplaces

Upon lighting any of these products a special atmosphere is immediately created. More information or to Buy online from Biofires more information on Glassfires & Biofires

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